Jewelry photography

Jewelry photography is perhaps one of the most difficult types of photography for e-commerce. It’s quite a challenge to work with small stones, gem stones and gold, which have reflective surfaces. We don’t compromise with quality, we do not compromise with the technology nor the effort needed, to provide the best results for our customers. The services we offer are, without any doubt, top in our industry.

-The first and the most important element to a perfect image is the camera. We use a professional full frame camera. It does not have a smoothing low-pass filter in front of the matrix, and therefore has the highest level of detalization, which is especially important in subject shooting.

-We use lenses of at least 100 mm in order to show the macro effect, so that everything is super clear, even finest details. Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM. This lens offers a versatile 3-group floatation system that gives you the ability to take high-quality snapshots of small objects at almost any focal length.

-Macbook connects to the camera and the latest software Capture One 11. That allows you to control the camera remotely, which is very important for jewelry photography, it will save you from unnecessary camera shifts and focus. You can also watch the finished work on a larger screen in real time.

– Tripod, to avoid any camera shake, because it affects the image quality

-3 strobe lights to illuminate the product evenly from all sides, as well as to illuminate the background.

-soft box – to avoid unnecessary reflections on the products and create the effect of shiny gold, not overexposing the image.

We also use a lot of special equipment for placing the jewelry (like special acrylic piles, stands for bracelets, watches, rings and earrings, specific reflective plates and much more. I will describe it more detailed in the next article!

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