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Ghost mannequin

This type of photography is one of the most common ones. lt implies shooting а clothing item on а mannequin which will bе later removed from the photo.

On a hander

This type of photography has its own benefits. lt’s possible to convey the volume and size of the product without making it too round or flat (this’d happen if we were using ghost mannequin or flat lay photography).

Flat lay photography

This the easiest and the most cost-effective way to photograph your apparel items. This is exactly what the customer sees on the shelves in а real shop.

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These photographers are highly organised, professional, and the quality of their work is amazing! They photographed my artwork and I could not have been happier with their work. Highly recommend them for any art or product photography!
Viktoriya Basina
New York, USA
High quality images is a key to e-commerce success. So when I've started my business it was really important to me to find a professional team, that can provide not only fast and reliable service, but also a creative approach and help to develop a creative strategy. I'm glad I’ve came across Photo Crab:) it has been a great experience! These guys really know what they are doing, they approach each project as their own, fast turnaround, detail oriented and very pleasant to work with! Highly recommended!
Maria Ignatiadis
New York, USA